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Summer Term Projects - what a lovely way to end our year!

Picture 1

Flamenco, OLE!

Flamenco, OLE!  1 Monday's flamenco assembly was fant√°stico!

Don't forget to look at the photos of our control plant in "Our Sunflower Investigation" to see how our plants are coming along! 


We are Creative...

We are Creative... 1

The Moon Thieves!

The Moon Thieves! 1 Cat,Rat,Boy,Gran & our narrators - more pics soon!

We are actors...

We are actors... 1 Today we tried our costumes on for our play...

We are geographers and scientists...

We are geographers and scientists... 1 Look at Phoebe's fantastic volcano!
We are geographers and scientists... 2 We will make one as a class and make it erupt...
Watch this space...!

We are athletes...

We are athletes... 1 Don't we look great in our new house team colours!

We are musicians...

We are musicians... 1 Now that we are in year 3, we play the recorder.
We are musicians... 2 Mrs Payet comes in each Friday to teach us how.

We are readers...

We are readers... 1 Look at our cosy book corner.

Year 3 Curriculum Planning