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Summer Term Projects - what a lovely way to end our year!

Picture 1

Flamenco, OLE!

Flamenco, OLE!  1 Monday's flamenco assembly was fantástico!

Don't forget to look at the photos of our control plant in "Our Sunflower Investigation" to see how our plants are coming along! 


We are Creative...

We are Creative... 1

The Moon Thieves!

The Moon Thieves! 1 Cat,Rat,Boy,Gran & our narrators - more pics soon!

We are actors...

We are actors... 1 Today we tried our costumes on for our play...

We are geographers and scientists...

We are geographers and scientists... 1 Look at Phoebe's fantastic volcano!
We are geographers and scientists... 2 We will make one as a class and make it erupt...
Watch this space...!

We are athletes...

We are athletes... 1 Don't we look great in our new house team colours!

We are musicians...

We are musicians... 1 Now that we are in year 3, we play the recorder.
We are musicians... 2 Mrs Payet comes in each Friday to teach us how.

We are readers...

We are readers... 1 Look at our cosy book corner.

Year 3 Curriculum Planning