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Our sunflower investigation

THANK YOU to Holiday Club, who looked after our sunflowers so well over half term! Look at the latest photo below to see how well our control plant is growing.  Gardening Club will soon be planting any unwanted sunflowers in Jade's Garden.

We are growing sunflowers in class to investigate how plants grow.  


We are doing a scientific investigation exploring what plants need to survive, so we have a control plant (A) with all of the correct conditions - soil, water and sunlight - and we have plants B, C and D each of which has different conditions.  B is not getting watered, C has no soil (sand instead) and D is in the cupboard with little to no sunlight.  


Each week we have a class photographer observing plant A to see how it is growing.  Hopefully by half term we will have lots of lovely sunflowers in class which we can bring home!

Plant A - our control plant - is photographed every Tuesday and Friday.

Day 1 - taken by Miss Hughes
Day 5 - taken by Philip
Day 8 - taken by Philip
Day 12 - taken by Philip
Day 15 - taken by Lois
Day 19 - taken by Lois
Day 23 - taken by Lois
Day 25 - taken by Lois
Day 37 - taken by Harvey