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Online Safety

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Springwell Park


"Online safety refers to the act of keeping yourself and others safe while you use technology, whether that be a computer, mobile, tablet, gaming console or any other technology device."




It is more important than ever that our children are internet safe. The amount of times children are accessing on the internet has soared nationwide, with limited things to do outside. This brings with it increased risk. Please see the powerpoint below about keeping your child safe online.


Our children's wellbeing, happiness and safety is of utmost importance here at Springwell Park, and our pupils' safety while they are online is of no exception. We strive to deliver a curriculum and education that instils and equips our children for the ever-growing digital world that we live in.


Internet safety has a high profile in Springwell Park, with our team of dedicated teachers delivering e-safety sessions that are embedded into the computing curriculum in order to keep our children alert and aware. Every new computing unit begins with an Internet Safety lesson, to ensure our Springwell stars have a refreshed understanding of how to act with respect and diligence. 


In order to ensure that we are offering the best E-Safey education to our pupils and parents, our pupils undergo an anonymous pupil internet safety questionnaire and pupil interviews at various points throughout the academic year, the results of which are analysed and acted upon accordingly.  



Why don't you have a look at our results and findings from our pupil and parental internet safety questionnaires?

If you would like further information regarding the above questionnaires, including how we plan on using the data to enhance internet safety further, please do not hesitate to ask.

Safer Internet Day 


For Safer Internet Day this year, we took part in 'the biggest internet safety lesson' by contributing towards a record break attempt. We were trying to break the record of 'most internet safety sessions taught in one day', working with schools across the nation. (We will find out soon if we have beat the record!) Each year group took part in an E-Safety lesson with their class teacher, looking at the focus of 'consent in a digital world'. After our lesson, we took part in an interactive quiz to test our knowledge. 


Please see attached below the PowerPoint from the Safer Internet Day assembly. It has various child-friendly, catchy songs that you could use to start a conversation with your children. 

Please see below two E-books that you can use with your children to discuss internet safety. There is a KS1 one and KS2 story.

Useful internet safety documents to enhance your child’s safety while at home

Digital Leaders:

Online Safety Contact

If you have a concern, question or query regarding online safety about your child or pupils at Springwell Park, please use this form to log it.