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We have spaces in our school nursery. Please call us on 01512886054 if you would like a place.
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Y2 Expectations

Year 2 is a very exciting year. As well as being exciting, it is also very important and very busy! On this webpage, you will find all of our Y2 expectations. You can use the documents on this page to help maximise your child's education by completing home learning. 


LTP - This is our Long Term Plan. This shows you what we are learning, and when. You can use this for many different reasons: asking your child topic related questions, going to the library to get topic related books, and to plan ahead with weekend trips to museums. 


Reading/writing/maths expectations - This shows you what is expected from your child in Y2 in these subjects.


Book-band expectations - This shows you the order of the book-bands. You can use this to see where your child is in comparison to government expectations. Please note that this is only for children NOT doing phonics (if your child is still doing phonics, please refer to the phonics page).



Common exception words - These words are our common exception words. These are words that we can't apply our phonic knowledge to. By the end of Y2, the children are expected to be able to spell and use these.


Knowledge organisers - For our History, Geography, and Science topics we have knowledge organisers. These contain all of the essential information in the one place. They organise our knowledge!