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World War One Workshop

Today Mr. B came along to our school to deliver a WW1 workshop. He was absolutely brilliant and made sure we were all involved in the workshop!


During this Interactive Workshop, we found out about:


Training as a soldier

Life in the trenches


The Kit Bag

Learning about how to put 'puttees' on

How to perform First Aid


What did you find out today that you thought was interesting?


Molly - There was chocolate in the First Aid Kit.

Jamie - If you had a fighter plane, you could die in 2 weeks!

Jessica- The medics were not allowed guns/weapons.

Jamie-Lea - You could get cigarettes in medical bags!

Bobby-Jo - When the whistle was blown, you had to leave the trenches. 

Abigael - The trenches were very narrow.

Krithika - The tanks engines were very loud.

William - The 'puttees' could be put on in a criss-cross pattern.

Reece - Sergeant Stubby won lots of medals for helping during the war. He was a dog!