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Victorian Day!

Today in Year 5 we had a special visitor. His name was Mr B and he had come to teach us many things about Queen Victoria and the inventions during her reign. We became a human timeline and learnt about the amazing things that had happened between Queen Victoria's birth and her death. He told us that when Queen Victoria was informed she had become Queen, she was still in her pjs!!!

Mr B brought lots of inventions from the Victorian times. He brought a victorian typewriter; various cameras; wind up sewing machine and a morse code machine called an electric telegraph.

In the afternoon, we learnt all about the invention of steam trains and about the train called 'The Rocket'. We couldn't have an actual steam train in the school hall so Mr B brought a pump up train with him. We took turns pumping it around the track and held a competition to see who could make it move the fastest.

At the end of the day, Mr B was very kind and gave every child a penny that was over 100 years old!

Written by Alex Muirhead, Jack Myers, Luke Evans and Kian O'Keeffe.

We had a fantastic day, take a look at some of our pictures:
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