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The Hawthornes ~ 31st March 2016

                On Thursday 31st March 2016, we visited The Hawthornes for a taster morning to experience lessons in a secondary school. We worked with Tim and Emily from YKids to become spies, some of us even got interviewed as spies.

                After our interviews, we went to a science laboratory where we learnt all about the periodic table of elements by learning a song ( with the help of Daniel Ratcliffe ). Then our first crime to solve was to find who had killed the 'Easter Bunny' out of the Seven Dwarfs. In front of us we had four beakers containing sodium, copper, potassium and lithium. We tested each element using a bunsen burner to see what colour they burnt. We then compared our results to see which one of the Dwarfs had actually harmed Easter Bunny. The experiment was part of a G.C.S.E. level.

                After break, we went to the gym to use our P.E. skills to perform a parkour role, balancing and climbing. This helped us plan a spy escape route using all the skills practised.

               A big THANK YOU to all the staff from The Hawthornes and YKids for an amazing time!!

               Take a look at all our pictures.