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Science ~ 17th March 2016

     During science week, we visited Savio Salesian College on Thursday 17th March 2016 to take part in a high school science experiment.

     First of all, with the staff at Savio, we discussed the rules for health and safety in a Science laboratory. Then we talked about different foods, a balanced diet and what foods are good/bad for us.

     During the experiment, which was to see what energy there is in foods, we set fire to wotsits and used the energy release to heat water. By measuring the temperature change of the water, we could see how much energy was released. We recorded our results showing the temperature of the water at the start, at the end and the overall increase of water temperature. We used various scientific equipment including goggles, a clamp, a test tube, a bunsen burner and water. 

    A big "THANK YOU" to all the staff at Savio Salesian College for an amazing time.

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