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Music at Springwell Park


In EYFS, we begin developing our Music skills and knowledge in the 'Expressive Arts and Design' area of development, specifically 'imaginative and expressive'. This learning is the foundation for our Music work when we start KS1. 


Our school’s vision and purpose for music is to engage and inspire children to develop a love for music. This is achieved through the many opportunities that we offer our children in order to develop their musical knowledge and capabilities such as performing, learning to play instruments, listening and responding to a broad range of music from around the world and also, exposure to music from different time periods.

The disciplinary knowledge, which runs through our music curriculum, enables children to develop their knowledge of music over time and how musical styles and composers are influenced by communities and the world around them.

Our music curriculum is built around children continually developing their skills within the key concepts of music: singing, listening, composing and performing. The curriculum is designed so that children will:


  • Gain and develop secure knowledge of the musical elements and relevant musical vocabulary.

  • Have opportunities to learn to play and to become competent in playing untuned and tuned instruments. 

  • Explore and respond to the world around them through music.



The substantive concepts, which the music curriculum is based on, are: singing, listening, composing, performing and musicianship. These concepts are recurring each academic year, enabling children to continually develop their musical knowledge and skills and to make progress. Each year group receives one hour of music lessons each week. For EYFS and KS1, music is taught by a peripatetic music teacher for one half term and by the class teacher throughout the year. Class teachers use their skills and expertise to teach music lessons, assisted by valuable resources such as Charanga, which is used throughout the school to support the teaching and learning of music. At KS2, children are taught to play musical instruments by peripatetic music teachers (ukulele in KS2). Both class teachers and peripatetic music teachers follow objectives set out in medium term plans and progression maps. Staff also lead extra-curricular activities linked to music such as choir and dance lessons.

Every year Springwell Park participates in Peace Proms, Come and Play with the Halle and Wally Cain, allowing children to perform to live audiences and extend their skills, performing outside of the classroom. We also have performances for parents every year in addition to class assemblies, which enables parents to come and see the progress that their child has made.


Please view the progression map below for an overview of how music is taught in our Early Years. Please also click the link below to visit our Early Years page.