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Mad Scientist Visit~14th March 2017

        On Tuesday 14th March 2017, the Mad Scientist, Cosmic Kez, came to school for Science week to inspire future scientists.

       First, Cosmic Kez talked to us about sound, sound waves and vibrations and how they are produced. She showed us how to create different sounds using our voices. Then, Cosmic Kez showed us  various experiments with the help of some of our pupils. One of the experiments was to use yoghurt pots, waste paper bins and string to help us make animal sounds of ducks, tigers and dinosaurs using vibration.

     Next, Cosmic Kez used different plastic tubes to create sounds by blowing through and swinging each tube to produce high and low sounds. Finally, she helped us to make the sounds of a storm using our hands for drizzly rain, patting our knees for heavy rain and stamping our feet for hailstones while four pupils shook tins to give the effect of thunder and lightning. 

     We all had an amazing time and learnt lots of new and interesting facts.