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We have spaces in our school nursery. Please call us on 01512886054 if you would like a place.
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How to be brilliant - mental health week

'Being Brilliant' were in school to teach us how to be 2%ers. This means being someone who is always positive and looks on the bright side of life. If we all try to be more positive and care for others, it spreads and therefore more people become happy and positive. We think this is something we can adopt in year 6 and spread throughout school as role models. We are trying to complete atleast one good deed a day - even if it is something as simple as picking up a coat that has been left on the floor. 


This workshop was part of mental health week. We have also started to complete 'mindfulness' colouring-in sheets. This helps us to calm down after a busy day and allows our brains to rest.