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Google Expedition

Today we were fortunate enough to use the expedition app from Google. We were able to get 360 degree views of the Rome, the ocean and space. This application is not available until January 2016 so we were  lucky to be given this opportunity. These are just a few of the things we said about it:-


"I thought it was like you were really there and it was like you were just looking around, it felt like you might fall. I wanted to take it home and I could play with it all day." Lexi Soong


"I thought I was really there and in the road I thought I was going to be run over. In the sea I thought I was going to drown and the sharks were going to eat me." Philip Sharpe


"Google expedition was awesome! It took us to see a whale, a dolphin jumping over a whale, Rome and even space. I can't wait until 1st January, I want to get it on the first day it comes out. I loved it." Abbie Fearnehough


Take a look at the fun we had!