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Art at Springwell Park 


In EYFS, we begin developing our Art skills and knowledge in the 'Expressive Arts and Design' area of development. This learning is the foundation for our Art work when we start KS1. 


Our school’s vision and purpose for art is to engage and inspire children to develop a love for art, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. This is achieved through pupils having the opportunity to develop their skills over time and work alongside professional artists.

Children research methods based on exploring and analysing the work of artists. In so doing, they identify elements which will need deliberate practice.

The techniques and methods within the art curriculum are separated into the following elements which help teachers plan for progression in the use of tools and materials. These elements are drawing, painting, printing, collage and sculpture.

Children develop an appreciation of the value of revising, adapting and refining their work, focusing on the process as well as the product. They learn to make connections and understand influences in the work of artists studied.



Art is taught weekly within each term, sometimes organised flexibly depending on the logistics of the projects involved. Some projects are enhanced by a specialist teacher which serves additionally as professional development for our teachers.

Teachers identify the knowledge specific to each unit of work.  This is set out in teachers’ planning and in the curriculum progression document.  This knowledge is what we want children to refine and master over time so that they can become more ambitious in their art work and transfer their knowledge between different elements.

We have made the deliberate decision to ensure that drawing, painting and exploring the work of artists is taught each year from year 1 to 6, by doing this the children are able to refine and improve their skills year on year. 



The Art and Design scheme of work is designed to allow children to explore their own ideas and children are encouraged to produce a creative piece of work, recording this using different tools and methods. As children move through school new skills and techniques are taught to allow children to build upon prior skills.  Children are given the opportunity to practise and refine their skills, evaluating their work in sketch books before producing a final piece.  

In talking about and reviewing their own work and the work of others, pupils develop an appreciation of the value of revising, adapting and refining their work, valuing the process as well as the end result. The development of children’s capacity and vocabulary to talk about their work, alongside the improvement in the quality and range of their work, is a central element of the curriculum.


Please view the progression map below for an overview of how art is taught in our Early Years. Please also click the link below to visit our Early Years page.