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Amazing adventures in Springwell Park

Our class Blog!

We have been recording our adventures for this half term! 



We had a Victorian day in school. When we came to school we had to line up outside in separate lines for girls and boys. When we came into the classroom it had all changed, there were benches behind tables which were in 2 separate rows. The boys sat on the front row the girls sat on the back row.


For our lessons we were taught the Three ‘R’s but we didn’t do much reading! In the afternoon the boys and girls were split up. The girls did sewing and cooking, the boys did science and extra maths!


The strangest part of the day was having dinner in class! We had potato and leek soup, bread, ham, cheese and a scone for pudding!




Nothing very exciting happened this week. Mr Nottingham wasn’t here on Tuesday so Mrs Farrell and Miss Collins looked after the class.


We were learning about Victorian jobs for children. We looked at jobs in match factories, coal mines and houses. The jobs in houses were scullery maids and chimney sweeps. We decided that these jobs were horrible and we would much rather go to school.


As a treat on Friday we had a drawing competition and we are all looking forward to our trip on the 24th.




On Tuesday this week we went on our trip to Tatton Park. We were all dressed up as Victorians, even the teachers!

When we got there we were met by the housekeeper and other servants who we would be working with. We had to call the housekeeper Ma’am. She was not as strict as the teachers on our Victorian school day, but we still did what we were told!


During the day we made scones, we made the beds, we scrubbed the floors, we polished the silverware, and we made the fires. All with only half an hour for lunch!


We were all very tired when we got on the coach to go home; many of us had a little nap on the way back to school.



This week was spent writing about our trip to Tatton Park. To help us remember we made recount maps of our day by drawing what we did and when in the day we did it.


We used our recount maps to write independently. This is where we all write a long piece of work on our own. We put soothing music on to help us concentrate. Mr Nottingham is always impressed by how much work we do independently. We look forward to when Mr Nottingham marks our work with his pink and green pens.


We or now in our last week on the Victorians. We are having a Victorian Tea Party to celebrate! We are looking forward to our new topic all about Fairy Tales.