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We have spaces in our school nursery. Please call us on 01512886054 if you would like a place.
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6.7.16 Taster day at The Hawthornes

Year 5 enjoyed a very busy day on Wednesday  at The Hawthornes High School. Activities included :

. DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY - Designed a keyring on the computer, then used a lazor cutter on a plastic acrylic sheet to create a fantastic little keyring.

. SCIENCE- Solving a case as a C.S.I. Agent . The children had to find out who stole the cake , by testing the ink from the pen, that was used from the suspicious note ,left at the crime scene.

. FOOD TECHNOLOGY -After covering all health and safety in the kitchen, the children prepared their very own delicious Cous Cous Salad. Mmmmm !!!

. COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY - Designed a 3D house using a variety of tools available on the computer.

. ART GALLERY - The children had an opportunity to see the Hawthorne student's artwork displayed in their very own Art Gallery.