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4.5.16 The River Mersey

We have been finding out about the River Mersey.


Jake Adair has pieced together this information using various sources:


  • Did you know that the River Mersey is 70 miles long? Also you can say it is 112 km - In fact, it doesn't seem 70 miles long, does it?
  • Breaking news, the River Mersey is formed when three tributaries join - the River Goyt, River Tame and don't forgot about the River Etherow.
  • Key Fact - the 60's band, Gerry and the Pacemakers, released a very popular song that cheered Liverpool up. It was called 'Ferry Across the Mersey'.
  • You would not believe this... did you know that bottle nose dolphins, Atlantic grey seals and harbour porpoise can be found swimming in the River Mersey? 
  • Did you know that in the 18th Century, the Mersey Docks in Liverpool were one of Britain's busiest ports?
  • Some British Hindus think that the River Mersey is sacred (like the River Ganges in India)
  • Every year the tall ships race takes place on the River Mersey.