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05.05.16 'Tuesday' by Terri - Lei Kirby

In English we have been writing narratives - this is 'Tuesday' by Terri-Lei Kirby.



Above the clouds on Tuesday morning, the birds could see green glops and then their vision was fixed on flying frogs approaching. "What are you doing?" squawked Scarlett furiously. 

"We are taking revenge!" croaked Froakie.

"Wait... you frogs beat us birds hahaha!" laughed Spunky Sparrow choking on some bread. "Let's see who can win in a rap battle?" stated silly Sparrow curiously thinking who might win. 

"T - t - tweet - tweet, " sang sly Scarlet.

" R - r - ribbet - ribbet," sang Froakie. 

Sparrow and the judges decided . "The winner is Scarlet!" announced Sparrow. The funky frogs then flew off.

                  In the middle of the night, Grandma slept heavily whilst the funky frogs watched the Jeremy Kyle Show (which is  terrible TV). "Do you like this spectacular show?" asked Froakie. "Not at all, I hate it - it's so dramatic!" shouted Flo. 

"Why do you hate it so much?" asked Froakie repeatedly. Unimpressed, Froakie took the remote and handed it to Flo. "Pick your channel then," Froakie exclaimed. 

"Ok!" cheered Flo happily. She then turned on Youtube and pressed the Episode 1 of Frogmania. "This is like our heaven... actually it is!" shouted Froakie in paradise.

"We should go there," boomed Flo.

"Yeah, let me go and kill a lion to get in!" boasted Froakie as boastful as a cool cheetah boasting about how fast it is compared to a lazy lion. 

"It's not even a bit grotesque," explained Flo.

                    Mysteriously, lily pads flooded the city leaving all the towns residents confused. "What! Why have I never seen this before?" Detective Alaska asked herself. 

"Get back to work or you'll be sacked!" sassed Detective Francis bossily. 

"Okay boss," sighed Detective Alaska wondering why her boss was so strict. 

" Boss boss... I've just found slime on one of the lily pads!" shouted Alaska excitedly. 

"Good work," called Francis.

"Wow, he's being nice," whispered Alaska to herself thinking of possible causes of him being nice. "Maybe he got zapped by aliens?" thought Alaska "or even got swapped by a robot?"

Alaska was left wondering in the detectives' quarters.