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Information about the Governors

Information about Governors


If you need to contact the Chair of Governors or another member of the Governing Body, please do so through the school office by popping into reception or calling 0151 288 6054.


The Governing Body of Springwell Park plays a crucial role in the life and work of our school. It is made up of 6 volunteers from the local and wider community, plus the Headteacher and a member of staff. 


The school Governing Body holds 6 full board meetings each year. We have made sure that our Governors have a full range of skills so that they can challenge the school and provide support as and when required.


The main work of the governing body is outlined below:

  • Setting and reviewing the schools aims and policies
  • Taking the lead on the Head teacher performance management and monitoring of staff appraisal
  • Monitoring the well-being of pupils
  • Continuing to improve the standards of teaching and pupil achievement
  • Setting the school’s budget and monitoring expenditure
  • Acting as a link between the local community and the school
  • Dealing with complaints about the school
  • Drawing up an action plan after inspection and monitoring the success of the plan

This doesn’t mean that we manage the school. Professionals are employed to do this. Governors provide support and challenge and hold the school to account. As Governors this means that we also have the responsibility to act in a certain way and this is outlined in our Code of Conduct.



Springwell Park Governing Board

Headteacher: Miss T. Webley


Chairperson: Mrs Adele Browne   Vice Chairperson: Sue Green

If you need to contact the Chair of Governors please call the school office or write to the school address.

Clerk to the Governors: Christine Hall


Name Category Appointed by Term of Office   Expires
Miss Tracy Webley Headteacher Governing Body 4 years   31.08.19
Sue Green Co-opted Governing Body 4 years   18.10.20
Clare Evans Staff Elected by Staff 4 years   28.11.20
Adele Browne Co-opted Governing Body 4 years   19.03.21
Cathy Simpson Parent Elected by Parents 4 years   28.03.20
David O'Callaghan Parent Elected by parents 4 years   12.06.21
Jane Thurgood-Parkes Co-opted Governing Body 4 years   9-07-22
Frank McFarlane Co-opted Governing Body 4 years   9-07-22




Roles and Responsibilities

Link Governor role

Eg of tasks


Pay and performance

Headteachers performance management

Pay policy

Performance Management


Adele, Cathy Simpson, Jane Thurgood-Parkes

Appeals:Frank McFarlane, David O’Callaghan, Sue Green

Safeguarding and attendance




Online safety

Single Central Record

Adele Browne

Frank McFarlane

(David O’Callaghan)

Governor liaison


Skills audit

Induction of new governors

Clare Evans

Finance and Environment


Health and Safety

Pupil premium spending

Sports funding

Sue Green



David O’Callaghan


Standards and Quality


Cathy Simpson




Quality of provision

Cathy Simpson

Standards and Quality






David O’Callaghan

Jane Thurgood-Parkes

Former Governors 

Name Category Term of office Stood down
Phil Nottingham Staff 4 years 21.12.16
Alan Blackburn Co-opted 4 years 21.12.16
Darren Hardy Co-opted 4 years 19.05.18
Cllr Trish Hardy Local Authority 4 years 19.05.18
Daren Viedman Co-opted 4 years 24.05.18


Register of interests


Name of Governor Declared Interest
Adele Browne Governor at Litherland High
Sue Green None
David O'Callaghan None
Cathy Simpson None
Clare Evans None
Tracy Webley None
Frank McFarlane

Chair of governors at Archbishop Blanch school

Governor at Litherland High

Jane Thurgood - Parkes None


Record of attendance 2017-2018



Name  Scheduled Meetings Meetings Attended Apologies Accepted Absent
Tracy Webley 6 6 0 0
Cllr Daren Veidman 6 0 1 5
Sue Green 6 6 0 0
Cllr Trish Hardy 6 4 0 2
Darren Hardy 6 3 1 2
Adele Brown 6 5 1


Cathy Simpson 6 5 0 1
Clare Evans 6 6 0 0
David O'Callaghan 6 5 1 0
Jane Thurgood Parkes 6 1 0 0
Frank McFarlane 6 1 0 0

Mr F Mcfarlane & Ms Thurgood-Parkes - First Meeting 9th July 2018

P Hardy & D Hardy stepped down 19th May 2018

Record of attendance 2016-2017



Name  Scheduled Meetings Meetings Attended Apologies Accepted Absent
Tracy Webley 6 6 0 0
Cllr Daren Veidman 6 5 0 0
Sue Green 6 4 2 0
Cllr Trish Hardy 6 5 1 0
Darren Hardy 6 2 2 0
Phil Nottingham 6 0 2 0
Adele Brown 6 5 1


Cathy Simpson 6 6 0 0
Alan Blackburn 6 2 0 0
Clare Evans 6 4 0 0
David O'Callaghan 6 1 0 0


Mr O'Callaghan - elected June 2017

Mr Nottingham and Mr Blackburn stepped down in December 2016

Mrs Evans - elected January 2017







Types of Governors

At Springwell Park we have 4 different types of Governor:

Parent Governor

The Governing body has 2 Parent Governors.  Parents, including carers, of pupils at our school can stand for election as a Governor.  Parent Governors nominate themselves and, if there are more nominations than spaces available on the Governing Body, they are elected by other parents at the school.  If not enough parents nominate themselves for election, the governing body may approach and appoint parents.


Authority Governor

Local Authorities appoint governors to schools and candidates are appointed without any political affiliation or preference. Authorities may appoint minor authority representatives, e.g. district and parish councillors, as authority governors.  Springwell is currently awaiting 1 Authority Governor.


Headteacher Governor

The Headteacher is a Staff Governor.  In Springwell the position for the 1st staff Governor is held for the

Headteacher.  This position is not subject to election.


Staff Governor

Our Governing body has 2 positions for staff Governors; the first position is for the Headteacher.  Teaching and support staff working at the School, may become governors as long as they are on the payroll (volunteers working in the school do not qualify). Staff governors nominate themselves and, if more staff are nominated than the 1 position available, an election is held.  This election is only open to members of staff in the school.


Co-opted Governor

A Co-opted Governor is a person from the local or wider community who is asked to be part of the governing body because of their skills, knowledge and experience.  Our school has 4 Co-opted Governors.