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The 6 'B' s

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Whenever we get stuck in our work we look at our '6 Bs' posters to help guide us. They will help us become independent learners! 


(1) Be Brave - Have a Go! Don't let a lack of confidence hold you back. You might surprise yourself!


(2) Be still - Stop and have a think! Sometimes if we pause and sit quietly, the solution comes to us.


(3) Backtrack - Let's go back! Have a look at the learning objective or success criteria, they are there to help you understand what is trying to be achieved.


(4) Buddy - Ask a buddy to help! Can they explain it to you more clearly?


(5) Bits and Bobs- Remember to use resources! Are there any tools on your desk or in the classroom that could help you?


(6) Boss - It's time to ask the teacher! If you've explored all the other options and you are still stuck then it's time to put your hand up and ask an adult to help.