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Science Day at Hawthornes High School

On Friday 12th September, we spent a very exciting and educational day at Hawthornes High School. They hosted a Science day and we had the opportunity to take part in some exciting investigations and made some creepy and feathery new friends! 


Our day started with a Birds of Prey workshop. We met lots of beautiful birds and some of us had the opportunity to hold them. Our next workshop was making BattleBots. We used a vibrating motor in a simple circuit attached to a toothbrush head to create a moving robot. As you can see, some of our robots were very funky! We also made rockets that were shot in to the air using compressed air - it was very impressive! Daniel's rocket decided to explode rather than fly, though! After a lovely lunch, we met some mini-beasts and learnt about their exoskeletons. Mrs Bretherton really enjoyed this session..! 


It was a fantastic day and we learnt a lot about the different types of Science. Thank you Hawthornes.