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Narrative for 'Tuesday'

frownMolly has been writing narrative for our book 'Tuesday'frown


Can you spot her 'sentence openers'?





What else can you spot about her work?



One magical evening, a turtle was looking at the starry sky really confused. What he saw was magical! Flying frogs were flying everywhere! The turtle walked worriedly towards the nearest tree. The tree was as twisted as a twister. The turtle thought it was raining because the water was dripping as fast as water pouring from a watering can. The slippery frogs flew away to a little village. Meanwhile, the turtle toddled out happily from under the tree. The turtle walked back on the log and then fell asleep. 


The frogs flew smoothly across the air. They all gazed at one house. The street was as quiet as an ant. When they went into a house they made the windows all gooey. The starry night sky was almost over. The lily pads were dripping. The people who were driving that night got water and goo on their car wheels because the goo and water was dripping from the lily pads. In the distance, the turtle could just about see the slimy frogs.