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Great Fire of London Workshop - Freshwater Theatre Company!

We have been very lucky this week that Freshwater Theatre Company came to our school and presented a History workshop about The Great Fire of London!

We got to re-enact London life in the seventeenth century through interactive roleplay. We learnt that it was very hot and dry in London in 1666 and that there was a water shortage! We think this may be why the baker did not put his oven out properly - he was possibly trying to save his water.

Our favourite part of the workshop was acting out working in the bakery on Pudding Lane. We had to act out putting logs on the fire, mixing the dough, rolling the bread out, kneading the bread and brushing the soot off the floor and roof. It was very tiring work!

Have a look at the photographs from our workshops.

You will be able to see us pretending to be the flames from the Great Fire of London. We all started out as tiny sparks then joined together to create a huge fire.

We have really enjoyed this topic and remember a lot of key facts.