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Espresso Coding

In Computing we have been 'Coding' using the Espresso Coding application on Espresso. We love our Computing lessons with Mr Nottingham and Miss Gillespie. Here is what we think about Computing:



Max: "I like it because you get to make you own games on Free Code and the lessons make you better at computers. I really like computers"


Molly: "It is fun to play on because they have nice games and you can make your own games"


Henry: "I think it is good because I can make a maze and my own game. It is good because it shows you how to do it first so it helps me know what to do"


Lily: "It is good because it teaches you a lot of things so we can do them when we are older. It is good that Mr Nottingham is here to help to teach us"


Bobby-Jo: "I don't know how they made it but it is very good. I want to use it at home so when I am older I will know what to do on the computer"


Jessica: "I like to design on it because we don't have to be told what to do. We get to design our own and we are learning but having fun at the same time"


William: "I think it is really imaginative and you don't have any rules. We use our own imagination and I like to draw my own world"



We have been using 'variables' to enable our games to keep scores.