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Drama during Literacy lessons

This term we are reading a book called 'Rose Blanche' by Ian McEwan. We have arrived at a section in the story where Rose is confronted by: 'Dozens of silent, motionless children staring at her from behind barbed wire fence.' 


What should Rose do? Should she help the children? Should she not help the children?


Picture 1

We have created a 'Conscience Alley' to help Rose decide what to do.


One side was FOR Rose helping 

"You're a kind person Rose so obviously you should help them."

"Go with your instinct Rose - you know the right  thing to do."

"Your Mum would be so proud of you helping them Rose."

"Put yourself in their shoes Rose- You would want help."


One side was AGAINST Rose helping

"Don't be silly Rose - You could get killed."

"Rose, your Mum will wonder where you have gone."

"Dont' go because you might get lost."

"It looks dangerous over there Rose, please don't go!"

Picture 1