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Drama during Literacy lessons

This term we are reading a book called 'Rose Blanche' by Ian McEwan. We have arrived at a section in the story where Rose is confronted by: 'Dozens of silent, motionless children staring at her from behind barbed wire fence.' 


What should Rose do? Should she help the children? Should she not help the children?



We have created a 'Conscience Alley' to help Rose decide what to do.


One side was FOR Rose helping 

"You're a kind person Rose so obviously you should help them."

"Go with your instinct Rose - you know the right  thing to do."

"Your Mum would be so proud of you helping them Rose."

"Put yourself in their shoes Rose- You would want help."


One side was AGAINST Rose helping

"Don't be silly Rose - You could get killed."

"Rose, your Mum will wonder where you have gone."

"Dont' go because you might get lost."

"It looks dangerous over there Rose, please don't go!"